Toddlers – Age 11

  • Comprehensive evaluation

  • Detailed toddler sleep plan customized for your child’s needs. Includes bedtime, night wakings, naps, schedule/routine, and details specific to you.

  • A 60-minute consultation where we will go over your child’s customized sleep plan, learn how to address bedtime, naptime, night waking’s, or any other specific issues that you might be dealing with. The consultation will take place in person or over the phone and it is recommended that both you and your spouse be available. At the end of the call, we would choose your implementation start date and set up our 1st follow-up phone call.

    • 4 Follow-up telephone calls during the first week following the consultation. These follow-up calls typically last about 15 minutes and we’ll  use this time to answer any general questions and troubleshoot any problems.

    • E-mail support.  I’ll give you my e-mail address so that you can send me any questions that come up during the second week and I’ll respond to your e-mails within one business day.

    • 3 Text supports. You’ll have my phone number so that you can text me (3 separate conversations) any questions that come up during the next two weeks. This is for questions that need answering before our next scheduled phone call or if you cannot wait for an email response. Text support is until 10:00 pm.

    Price: $435

    Time Together: Two Weeks


    Toddlers and older children have their own unique needs, and a sleep plan for a toddler takes care to incorporate a toddler’s abilities and habits.


    In-home support is available locally, see “additional services” for multiple options available.