Additional Services and In-home Support

*In-home Consultation:

I travel within 30 miles of the Hendersonville, NC area to offer the option of an in-home consultation if you would prefer. This service is an additional $45.

*Bedtime Support:

Yes, for folks living in the Hendersonville area, I offer an evening bedtime support package at your home. In addition to a customized plan and full follow-up support, I’ll be there for you through the first bedtime and falling-asleep process as you work through night 1 of your plan. The cost of in-home bedtime support for any age is an additional $175.00.

*Half-night Support:

From about 6:30-11:30pm, I’ll assist with bedtime and the falling-asleep process, as well as any wake-ups that occur. The cost of in-home half-night support for any age is an additional $695.00.

*Whole-night Support:

From 6:30pm- 6:30 am, I’ll assist with bedtime, the falling-asleep process, and all nighttime wake-ups. The cost of in-home whole-night support for any age is an additional $1595.00.


Yes, I absolutely work with multiples for only $50.00 more to account for extra follow-up support. Only one plan is needed for multiples.


It’s common to need help with several children at the same time (for example, a baby and a toddler). I offer a 20% overall discount for siblings of different ages needing help at the same time.

*Refresher Packages:

I want to be your family’s sleep consultant for life! Sometimes a new problem arises with a little one as they get older, due to travel, or for other reasons. Contact me for information on a discount for kids needing their sleep skills refreshed.

*Gift Certificate:

Available in any amount.


As your Hendersonville, NC Sleep Consultant I will partner with you to help you enjoy restful nights with your loved ones. Locally, I serve the Hendersonville and Western North Carolina areas, but I am available to help people all over the world. Contact me today to learn how I can help you!


My availability varies, but I can often accommodate a new client within about a week… and sometimes even sooner.